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Development engineer engineering Developers

Manage roadmaps, product development, bug tracking, Agile projects, Git integrations, and more.
ClickUp for Developers

Marketing Marketers

Manage marketing projects, campaigns, clients, and more all in one place.
ClickUp for Marketers

Project Management GTD Project Managers

Plan, track, and collaborate on any type of project with your team.
ClickUp for Project Managers

Education Educators

Organize lesson plans, track student performance, and stay ahead of your class schedule.
ClickUp for Educators

Design Designers

Streamline your design process, share feedback, and maximize your team's resources with all-in-one design management.
ClickUp for Designers

Event Planning Event Planners

Plan every event detail, from start to finish, all in one place.
ClickUp for Event Planners

Finance Finance Moguls

Plan your budget, track your spending, and reach your financial goals.
ClickUp For Finance Professionals

Sales account management

Manage everything from lead tracking, deals, and customer onboarding in one place.
ClickUp for Sales people

Real Estate Real Estate Agents

Track and manage your properties, deal pipeline, and clients.
ClickUp for Real Estate Agents

Healthcare Healthcare Professionals

Manage your entire healthcare system, from budget and team resources to patient intake.
ClickUp for Healthcare Managers

Human Resources Human Resource Champs

Manage employee onboarding, HR documents, performance tracking and more.
ClickUp for HR Managers

Law Law

Organize your clients, cases, and contract pipeline.
ClickUp for Lawyers

Nonprofit Nonprofit Workers

Manage your donors, campaigns, and budgeting to grow your non-profit more efficiently.
ClickUp For Non-profit Managers

Business Operations Operators

Manage business processes, team resources, and budgets.
ClickUp for Business Operators

Personal GTD

Save time and get more done by managing all of your daily tasks and personal projects in one place.
ClickUp for Personal Use

Getting Started

Start with a beginner template to learn the basics of how to plan, track, and manage your projects.
ClickUp for Beginners


Streamline your media operations by planning, managing, and tracking all of your campaigns in one place.
ClickUp for Media Managers

Resource Management

Manage your assets, forms, time tracking, and more.
ClickUp for Resource Managers

Website Management

Plan, build, and maintain your website content.
ClickUp for Website Managers


Organize your deals, customers, and pipeline.
ClickUp for Customer Managers


Plan, manage, and track construction projects from pre-sales to concept to delivery.
ClickUp for Construction Managers

Remote Work

Coordinate with your remote team on any project type.
ClickUp for Remote Workers


Organize your notes, school work, and exam prep.
ClickUp for Students


Simplify cross-functional teamwork, boost productivity, and get total organizational visibility.
ClickUp for Enterprise

Customer Service

Track customer support tickets, document issues, and collaborate on solutions with your team.
ClickUp for Customer Service Reps


Build your business for long-term success by organizing all of your ideas, workflows, and teamwork in a single, shared place.
ClickUp for Startup Teams

Product Management

Manage product roadmaps, development priorities, and your team — all in one place.
ClickUp for Product Managers


Track budgets, expenses, and financial goals for yourself or clients.
ClickUp for Accountants

Bring all your work into one place and save one day every week, guaranteed.

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